What Could Go Wrong From Not Knowing Your B2C Users?

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What Could Go Wrong From Not Knowing Your B2C Users?

Measured by the value of sales, the number of new and repeat buyers, growth in new territories, and the number of new transaction websites, B2C businesses are on the rise. The primary driver for these businesses is consumer behaviour—B2C achieves success by understanding “what customers want and how to motivate them to make a purchase” (1).

The consequences of not knowing most of the users of a b2c site

Failure to understand the customer leads to:  

Lack of proper marketing strategies

Identifying what consumers want helps businesses decide on the best promotional strategies for their products and services. “B2C marketing efforts tend to focus on building trust and cultivating desire, and they rely fairly heavily on the power of emotion and shared values to convince and persuade” (2). Thus knowing your consumers enable companies to decide on the brand voice and messaging with the most influence.

Brands can engage with customers in various ways, including blog posts, newsletters, tweets, online videos, ads, and other mediums. Knowing your users will help you decide on the most effective media to use that will reach your target market. It also helps streamline promotional activities, tweak ineffective strategies, and make more informed decisions on where to focus marketing efforts and budget.

Loss of potential customers

Many consumers use search engines like Google and Bing to find products they intend to purchase. They also tend to choose websites that appear on the first pages of results after searching for a keyword. Understanding your consumers will identify parameters such as keywords for search engine optimization. “Any business that does not have a site optimized for those rankings will get buried in the mix, lose site traffic and, in turn, lose potential customers” (1).

Loss of sales

Knowing your customer is vital when it comes to effective selling. Not knowing your B2C users may lead to high traffic with no sales, especially if you attract the wrong traffic. However, knowing what influences their buying behaviour will help you guide them along the sales funnel to attract the right traffic. Understanding your users gives you more control at each stage of the customer journey.

Low customer retention rates

Gaining and keeping customers is the key to the success of B2C retailers. To remain competitive, B2C must maintain long-term relationships with consumers to ensure their return. “Information about customers’ inclinations, habits, likes, and dislikes” (2) helps businesses send out targeted information that elicits an emotional response in their customers. If a brand speaks directly to consumers’ hearts and minds, then it builds customer loyalty.

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