Culture Vulture

  • Baroque Style Throughout Europe
    From the dramatic flair of Italy and the controlled grandeur of France to the intense emotionality of Spain and the detailed realism of the Netherlands, Baroque style has left a lasting legacy.
  • The Architecture of the Pantheon: A Reflection of Roman Culture
    the architectural style of the Pantheon and how it represents Roman culture not only showcases the Roman flair for engineering and aesthetics but also encapsulates ancient Rome’s cultural and religious values.
  • Why is Hector of Troy One of the Greatest Heroes?
    This blog explores why Hector retains his heroic status in ancient times and modern interpretations. We will delve into the qualities that define heroism in both contexts, examining how Hector’s character embodies these traits.
  • The Shifting Role of Women in the Impressionist Movement
    The contributions to the shifting role of women in the Impressionist movement are profound and multifaceted.
  • What to YOU is Comedy?
    What to you is Comedy? What do you find funny? What are examples of stories, authors or other arts that you find humor? Also, WHY do you find those things funny?
  • Various Aspects of Comedy
    This post will explore various aspects of comedy, including incongruity, satire, wordplay, and observational humor
  • Young Men’s Struggles Explored in BTS Music
    BTS addresses young men’s struggles in their music, offering insight into vulnerability, and personal growth which is often less discussed.
  • The Concept of The Anti-hero – a Complex Character Archetype
    In this blog post, we delve into the depths of the concept of the anti-hero archetype, examining its origins, characteristics, and significance in literature and popular culture.
  • The Fascination With Antiquity During The Renaissance
    The fascination with antiquity during the Renaissance extended beyond literature to art, as painters and sculptors embraced classical styles and themes.
  • Classicism’s Lasting Impact on Artistic Standards and Ideals
    How Classicism shaped enduring artistic standards, influencing balance, clarity, and idealization in the works of master artists like da Vinci and Michelangelo.
  • What is the Land Art Movement?
    Discover the Land Art movement, its origins, key artists, and the environmental impact it seeks. Nature as canvas, impermanence as art.
  • How are Neoclassical Writers Different from Romanticism?
    Explore the language, plot structures, and themes in Neoclassical and Romantic works by Pope, Swift, and Wordsworth. Understand the transition from reason to emotion in literature.