Guest Post Opportunities for Bloggers & Writers

Guest Post Opportunities for Bloggers & Writers

We are accepting Blogs related content on our website at We are interested in collaborating with bloggers and writers who want to become guest writers on our website.

The first article you publish on our website is free of charge

Please get in touch with us if you want to publish more guest posts with a permanent do-follow linkplace an in-content text link, or have sponsored posts on our website, which will be paid.

We prioritize the quality of the articles on our website and only accept topics suitable for our niche and educational or informative in nature. We do not publish or link articles promoting casinos, pornography, terrorism, and harm. 

We accept guest posts from writers, whether or not the author has a website/blog or social media presence. Our admin team will make the final decision to publish a guest article. You can pitch us your blog ideas by sending us an email.

Netizen Me Guest Post Guidelines

  • The first article you publish on our website is free of charge.
  • Article language: English
  • By posting your article with us as a guest author, you agree that the article is original and unpublished (online or offline) and will not be published elsewhere in the future.
  • Before submitting your article with us, please ensure it is unique and not copied from anywhere on the Web. 
  • The word count is a minimum of 500 words.
  • We will create an author box containing your name, a short bio of your choice, a photo of you should you wish to add it, and any contact information or links (social media, website, contact info). 
  • We will run Google ads on your article.
  • Your article won’t be published right after you submit the draft to us, but we will post it within 30~60 days, and When your article is published, we will email you the link.

If you are interested, you can submit your article and author’s profile information via this google form. After submitting, kindly inform us an email to contact our admin assistant team via [email protected] to ensure smooth communication.

We welcome high-quality educational or informative guest posts in the following categories.

About us briefly; Netizen Me – Informative Articles for Reading
Netizen Me online magazine publishes accurate, educational, and informative articles in various niches for digital reading. We publish accurate and informative topics in various niches, including Sustainable living, social responsibility, history, art, marketing, business, psychology, tech, and much more.

What is a guest post?

A guest post is when a blogger or writer publishes an article on another site without having written it themselves. This can be a great way to get your work seen by a wider audience, and to learn more about different subjects. There are a few things you must keep in mind when submitting a guest post. The first is that the article should be high quality. Ensure the text is well-written and the content is relevant to the blog’s audience. Additionally, ensure you have met all of the submission guidelines outlined by the blog you’re submitting to. Finally, make sure you contact the blog owner before submitting your article in case they have any questions or revisions they need to make.

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Benefits of Guest Posting for writers

Guest blogging is a great way for bloggers to gain exposure and build relationships with other bloggers. It also allows writers to share their expertise and write about topics that interest them. By writing guest posts, bloggers can attract new readers, network with other bloggers, and potentially receive compensation for their work. In addition, guest posting allows writers to learn from experienced bloggers and develop their writing skills.

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Our Policy in Summary:

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Guest Post Opportunities for Bloggers & Writers