Videos: The Most Effective Way To Communicate With Customers

The Most Effective Way To Communicate With Customers

Videos: The Most Effective Way To Communicate With Customers

Many of today’s avid netizens are too familiar with video content shared over the internet. They have used one of many platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp, etc., to share their happiest moments with loved ones worldwide. However, because of how integrated a feature video content has become in the average person’s internet and phone usage, it is easy to overlook the fantastic potential videos possess to communicate with customers and clients. 

What is the best way to communicate with customers?

Especially in the post-pandemic world, videos can stand in for face-to-face meetings, which are vital for servicing customer accounts. Face-to-face meetings serve the purpose of humanizing a company and help build trust with clients. Using videos with clear and concise messages comes the closest to emulating that experience. 

Connecting with customers through videos creates an organic and authentic brand representation without any added fluff. This is because videos make it easier for marketing messages to be contextualized. Content shared through videos effectively conveys the right tone and intent often lost in a simple website or social media copy. 

Drawbacks of communicating with videos

With all that said, there can be certain drawbacks to using videos as a tool to stay in touch with customers.

  • The first of these is that focus can be fleeting; on account of rapid content consumption on the internet, with feeds refreshing every few seconds, many people now have smaller attention spans than they had, say, a decade or so ago. Because of this, if videos are longer than a few minutes, many people may click off the video or be distracted by something else while the video is reduced to mere background noise. 
  • Secondly, high-quality video production can be costly in the long run. No company would want to churn out low-quality and low-effort videos because that would be a surefire way of turning customers away. For many, committing to creating scripts and storyboards, casting people, and procuring equipment such as cameras, microphones, etc., may not be worth the value. 
  • Finally, videos may not be appealing to all audiences. For instance, if business targets goal-oriented consumers who know what they are looking for and do not visit the website or app to peruse, they will look for text descriptions of the product more so than several-minute-long videos describing the product pep.

In conclusion, while videos can be a very effective way of reaching and keeping in touch with customers, it is prudent for a business to conduct a cost-benefit analysis and see if video content is the right fit for its target customers.

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