BTS members have social media accounts
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There are so many SNS, aka social media accounts, out there representing BTS members one way or another. But what are the original profiles? How to spot a fake account? Do BTS members have individual social media accounts?

Well, the answer is simple. BTS members don’t have their own personal social media profiles, but they use one account representing all the BTS members as a group. BTS members have individual social media accounts on Weverse, their official fan community and Instagram as of 2021 December.

Why does BTS use only one SNS per platform?

The septet of BTS (Suga, RM, Jin, Jimin, V, j-hope, and Jungkook) is a global superstar with over 90 million fans across the world. All of their fans seek social media to receive daily updates and stay connected with their idols. The group’s seven members bring all their fans into one place to stay connected in each platform rather than sending fans to multiple accounts.

When they post something, they use hashtags to help fans identify who is posting a particular post. BTS is known for keeping their fans updated regularly through social media with regular selcas (selfies), videos, and messages from the members and news about their music and achievements.

Do BTS members have individual Weverse accounts?

The fan community platform where members have individuals accounts is “Weverse”. They often post updates and communicate with their fans, ARMY via Weverse.

Do BTS have individual Instagrams?

Yes they do. BTS have private Instagram. BTS members joined Instagram on December, 2021 with their personal accounts!

Here are the BTS member’s Instagram accounts which was created on 2021 December

  • BTS RM @rkive
  • BTS Jin @jin
  • BTS SUGA @agustd
  • BTS J Hope @uarmyhope
  • BTS Jimin @j.m
  • BTS V @thv
  • BTS Jungkook @abcdefghi__lmnopqrstuvwxyz

There are many fake Instagram accounts pretending to be BTS members but with the members joining Instagram with Individual accounts, the scamming will finally come to an end. A Good news for ARMY!

You can also follow their official BTS Instagram account @bts.bighitofficial to stay up to date.

Do BTS have individual Twitter?

No. all the seven members share one Twitter profile @bts_twt

Here are the official SNS/ social media profiles of BTS:

Do BTS have a Spotify acount?

What about the other accounts under BTS member’s names?

Numerous social media profiles represent BTS members and their associations. Most of these accounts are kept as original as possible, making it hard to distinguish. You need to know that BTS members do not have individual profiles on any social media sites except “Weverse.” and Instagram (as of 06th dec,2021)

All other accounts are managed by fans and not with any direct association with BTS members or their management. However, these unoriginal accounts are not necessarily bad even though it is questionable in an ethical point of view. Those are managed by BTS’s beloved fandom ARMY, who wants to expand the fame of seven boys and keep their fellow fans up to date.

BTS has achieved many great things over the years and influenced millions of people around the world. We can only expect them to achieve even more in the years to come. Let’s follow their official accounts and support our Bangtan boys.

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Do BTS members have individual social media accounts?