Strategic Management – Short Notes Using the 80/20 Method

This free course utilizes the 80/20 method to explore organizational dynamics and strategic management intricacies. With a targeted approach, it covers topics including organizational structure, competition analysis, and mission and vision statement formulation. Prioritizing efficiency, the course applies the 80/20 principle to focus on the crucial 20% of concepts providing 80% of strategic insights.

What You'll Learn

  • 1 Lesson Plan: Strategic Management
  • 2 The Fundamental Concepts
  • 3 Industry Analysis and the Five Forces
  • 01 Strategy Formulation and Tools

    • 4 Strategy Formulation and PEST
    • 5 Strategy Formulation, SWOT Analysis, and Critical Success Factors
    • 6 Competitive Advantage
    • 7 Corporate Strategies
    • 8 Innovation and Globalization