An Asian Success Story: Bangtan Sonyeondan – BTS

BTS is a modern-day success story in the global music industry

From a small Korean boyband to worldwide fame and influence: no other modern band represents the road to success as well as BTS. While BTS isn’t the first K-Pop boyband, it definitely is the one that brought what once was a niche genre into the mainstream, skyrocketing it into a worldwide phenomenon. Their road to success was definitely not an overnight rise to popularity but a manifestation of years of hard work, teamwork, talent, and dedication.

How many members of BTS? BTS is a seven-member group called Bangtan Sonyeondan or Bangtan Boys. Korean born members, RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook celebrating their 9th anniversary of the group’s debut this June with their treasured fandom, ARMY, around the world.

Let’s reminisce about Bangtang boys’ biggest accomplishments, their influence, and their positive impact on the music industry and the world over the past years.

So, what is the recipe for such a success story? What makes BTS such an influential band?

Is it their looks and costumes, constantly pushing gender boundaries? Is it their songs and lyrics, spreading messages of self-love and accepting your uniqueness? It is all that, and way more.

Nothing speaks to the fans of BTS more than their amazingly written songs. Since the beginning of their careers, the members of the band have written most of their own songs and used their lyrics to spread positive messages or increase awareness of social issues, present in both South Korea and the rest of the world. Not only that, but they also incorporate their own life stories into songs, pouring themselves into the lyrics and making them relatable for many people of various age groups.

“Maybe I made a mistake yesterday, but yesterday’s me is still me. I am who I am today, with all my faults. Tomorrow I might be a tiny bit wiser, and that’s me, too. These faults and mistakes are what I am, making up the brightest stars in the constellation of my life. I have come to love myself for who I was, who I am, and who I hope to become.”


What is BTS’s Message?

Among many things, BTS talks about self-acceptance and self-love, equality no matter your race, gender or sexual orientation, or skin colour. BTS partnered up with UNICEF with their Love Myself, anti-violence campaign. Their songs are all about expressing your true authentic self and many other positive concepts that we need to hear more and more often. But it is more than spreading a heartfelt, optimistic message about life. In all their concerts and music videos, the members of BTS are always full of light, energy, and positive vibes, and show us that there is a lot more to life than our day-to-day worries.

A legacy for many generations to come!

There isn’t just one recipe for success, but BTS surely paved the way to greatness and created a legacy that will last for a long time. Each of the members is incredibly talented, and through a lot of hard work and effort, they mastered their craft and reached a level of fame one can only dream of. Their journey to success was certainly not an easy one. But they succeeded with the unwavering support of their fans and the amazingly strong and close bond the boys have among them. Their loyal A.R.M.Y (as the fandom identify themselves) comes from many parts of the world, and it has truly built a tight-knit sense of community among the fanbase.

BTS ARMY is just a bunch of screaming fans?

Influence around the world

Through their art, BTS showed us that music is a universal art and language. Also, talent and hard work can come from anywhere in this world. Because of them, certain language and culture barriers have also been broken all around the globe. Many people have started learning Korean because of BTS. They opened the door to more people to learn more about South Korea and Asia, which increases cultural awareness at a global level.

The septet of BTS is not just your average pop artist: they are singers, rappers, dancers, songwriters, and producers. Going to a BTS concert means watching the show of your life. Their concerts are full of energy, entertainment, good music and a lovely community of people. BTS no longer consider themselves just a K-Pop band. But they popularized the genre and opened the door for many other K-Pop bands to reach international fame.

Awards and Achievements

Throughout the years, BTS has won numerous awards including AMA, MAMA, and Billboard Music Awards. This year when they won all the nominated Billboards including the Top Social Artist award for the fifth consecutive year. They also hit the top of the Billboard Top 100 not once, not twice but four-time in 9 months with their songs Savage Love, Life Goes On, Dynamite, and the latest release Butter.

They are the first asians to win Artist of the Year at American Music Awards and they are two times Grammy nominees. BTS also holds the record as most Deasang awards winner. They hold multiple Guiness World records and various other awards.

9 Years with BTS

It is incredibly impressive and praiseworthy how, even as worldwide famous idols, BTS have not lost their humility and kindness. The members always thank the audience at the end of every concert. They also encourage their fans to spread love, hope and help through their actions. Their strong bond with the A.R.M.Y is one of the key reasons for the BTS success story.

Do BTS members have individual social media accounts?

They have achieved many great things over the years and influenced millions of people around the world. We can only expect them to achieve even more in the years to come.

BTS celebrates its debut anniversary on June 13, which is also called Festa Day. BTS will be celebrating their debut anniversary on June 13 & 14. #bts8thanniversary

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Watch the beautiful moment when BTS’s fans ARMY sang “Young Forever” for BTS at London Wembley Stadium. This moment won the “Music Moment Of The Year Award” at the NME Awards 2020.

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