How Neoclassicism and Romantic Art Styles Impact the Viewer

How Neoclassicism and Romantic Art Styles Impact the Viewer - Netizen Me

How Neoclassicism and Romantic art styles impact the viewer?

Art is best defined by the depiction and representation of ideas and messages, whether natural or artificial. By making use of simple reasoning and astute intellect, Neoclassicism became a historic artistical method of conveying emotions and feelings through Romanticism. But, how Neoclassicism and Romantic art styles impact the viewer?

What is Neoclassicism?

Diana and Cupid, example of Neoclassicism and Romantic Art Styles Impact
Diana and Cupid, Pompeo Batoni, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Neoclassicism was simply the art that is been influenced by the classical era of the Roman and Greek art movement. This type of art was very clear in depicting stories and situations in effective simplicity. It was also able to make strong statements on various political and social issues that impacted the viewer’s perspectives and evolution of the mind.

It was all about morals and virtues of living life in so many ways including science, architecture, and technology. This was directed to changing the perception of a growing society by challenging governmental issues and teasing revolution.

How Neoclassicism and Romantic art styles impact the viewer?

Since Neoclassical ideas were based solely on simplicity, it was able to complement seamlessly with the fundamental virtues of the Greek and Roman arts. This movement was always going to evolve and that gave way for Renaissance Classicism.

It is also true that Neoclassicism was invented to check the “extravagancy” of Rococo and Baroque. The latter’s ideas were based on what many critics viewed as “vanity” and “redundant”. The possibility of inducing subjectivity and lust by the artist was to be blamed. Therefore, the overly-decorative style was proven not to be effective in making stronger political and social statements that were needed to transform society in craving for mental change.

Neoclassicism produced numerous prominent artists like Antonio Canova, Claude Lorrain, Nicolas Poussin, Jean-Antoine Houdon, and Benjamin West. Each had its distinct ideas on introducing ultra-realism and symmetry to invoke the teachings of Greek/Roman philosophies.

In order to characterize the Neoclassical style of art, the limited use of exuberant colorization and detailing is first to come to mind. This idea helped the viewer obtain a much clearer view of the message in front of them.

With the use of the smoother surface for scribbling and extensive use of lighting, the artists get that sometimes, clarity is the best device in capturing the imagination of the viewer.

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