What Makes Thailand an Attractive Destination

What makes Thailand an attractive destination - Netizen Me
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What makes Thailand an attractive destination - Netizen Me

What makes Thailand an attractive destination?

Thailand is a popular and attractive tourist destination in the South East of Asia. For years, it has consecutively made into the “Top ten” list of most visited countries in a respective year. The hospitality and welcoming smiles of locals win the heart of visitors and make them visit Thailand again and again. While Chinese, Europeans, and South Indian tourists are known for frequently visiting Thailand, other ethnicities can also be easily spotted in its sightseeing spots. Let’s take a brief look at some of the amazing aspects that make Thailand a bucket-list-worthy destination in the eyes of travelers.


Some countries have freezing cold winters, and some get battered by harsh summers however, Thailand is blessed with pleasant weather that allows for enjoying outdoor adventures and camping throughout the year. During the days, average temperatures fluctuate between 24 and 35 degrees Celsius, which is a perfect temperature range for any activity.

Weather of Thailand

Comparatively, the southern region is hot, while the mountainous north can get really cold from early November to mid-February when the chilly winds drop the mercury levels below 15 degrees Celsius. In short, for Europeans who live in cold countries, as well as the South Indians and Africans who are more familiar with the burning heat of the sun – the Thai climate is simply heaven. Interestingly, locals don’t agree with this opinion and assume that life in cold countries would be much better.

Versatile landscape

Thailand has a lot to offer with a diverse landscape that stretches from the mountains of the Phetchabun range and gradually recedes into plains that finally meet the coastline of the Andaman Sea in the south. The abundance of rice fields, fruit orchards, tea gardens, river deltas, and thick forests add to the beauty of Thailand. There are lots of well-preserved national parks like Khao Yai that serve as a great opportunity to come close to nature. The remains of Ayutthaya and Sukhothai remind us of the magnificence of the old capitals of the kingdom. Moreover, the bustling modern cities like Bangkok and the matchless nightlife and entertainment scene of the beach city of Pattaya are only a few highlights of what one may expect to come across while traveling in Thailand.

Versatile landscape of Thailand

Thailand is also famous for its beautiful islands where tourists can enjoy snorkeling in crystal clear waters and appreciate the wonderful underwater world full of reefs, corals, turtles, and fish. Koh Chang, Koh Larn, Koh Phi Phi, and Koh Samui are some of the most beautiful islands that are easily accessible and worth a visit.


If you haven’t visited Thailand before, Thai food will certainly catch you off guard with its aromatic flavors, the richness of taste, and style. Even the food sold by the street vendors is mouthwatering. Thais are proud of their “Tomyam”. It is a yummy soup made by heating coconut milk with some herbs and seafood. Foreigners and locals equally love it.

Food of Thailand

If you like to eat spicy food, find a restaurant or stand that sells “Isaan food”; however, don’t forget to keep a glass of water or soda at hand before starting to eat it. You can also buy fried noodles with nuts and mussels, commonly known as “Pad thai”, fried meat with herbs served with rice or noodles, and various types of soups served with noodles from restaurants and food stalls without breaking the bank.


Temples of Thailand makes Thailand an attractive destination

Apart from the friendly nature of the people, amazing weather, matchless scenery, and the convenience of getting around, it will be unfair, not to mention the beautiful Buddhist temples spread all over the country. The majority of Thais are Buddhist, and it is the official religion of the kingdom as well, so locals and the government have collaborated to build some of the world’s most beautiful temples like Wat Arun, the Temple of Emerald Buddha, and the White temple to name a few. Some of these temples are considered more sacred as they are known to house sacred relics of Buddha. Buddhists and enthusiasts of art, architecture, and history from all over the world flock to admire their grandeur. A few temples also offer short courses to introduce practices of Buddhism also and give you a chance to live with the monks and observe how they practice self-abstinence and live their day-to-day life.


Thailand’s economy revolves around tourism. That’s why the Thai government has paid attention to improving its infrastructure of roads, railways, and air travel. For moving within the city or traveling to other cities in Thailand, you’ll always have plenty of options on hand. While sky trains and subways are only available in the capital city, in other cities, you can rely upon tuk-tuks, taxis, baht buses, motorcycle taxis, minivans as well as ride-hailing services provided by Grab and Bolt for getting around. The Thai railway system almost connects every part providing cheap transport to the locals and tourists. However, if you want to travel in style, Thailand has more than 35 operational airports to cater to your needs.

Transport of Thailand makes Thailand an attractive destination

Of course, there is much more to see and experience in Thailand, and you’ll only know that when one day, you’ll land in the kingdom of smiles by yourself.

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