Greek Civilization

Ancient Greek Government System Ancient Greece was a cluster of poleis, city-states with independent governments. The main objective of these forms was to establish order in administration and governance in their city-state. These poleis shared some similar attributions like religion and language with slight variations, but their governing structures wereRead the article

End of the Athenian Golden Age - Netizen Me

End of the Athenian Golden Age How did the Athenian Golden Age end?  The Classical Period or Golden Age of Greece, From around 500 to 300 BC, was the golden age of Greece, which contributed to the foundations of the modern world’s architecture, philosophy, art, and literature.  During this time,Read the article

The Success of The Delian League - Netizen Me

The Success of The Delian League Same friends as well as enemies… What is the Delian League and what did this accomplish? What was the Delian League and why was it formed? During the Persian wars, after the Battle of Salamis victory, Ionian cities, including Athens, came together with aRead the article