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Generally, when we think about Louisiana, we think about the Cajun and Creole cuisine, American Blues and jazz and obviously New Orleans and French Quarters. But, what if we tell you that there is more to see in Louisiana than just streets and colourful culture. For example beaches; Louisiana overlooks the Gulf of Mexico and Mississippi river. Most of Louisiana’s land is either marsh and swamp or covered with forest. Louisiana has some of the most beautiful beaches in the state. However, due to its popularity as a melting pot of culture and music, the scenic beauty takes a back seat. That’s why we are here to tell you all about Louisiana beaches.  

Louisiana is located on the south west of America, shares its border with the state of Texas to the west, Arkansas to the north and Mississippi to the east. The state’s capital is Baton Rouge and the largest city is New Orleans. The land of louisiana was formed from the sediment of the Mississippi river, thus, you can find plenty of muddy water, swamps and marsh land. However, Louisiana has hidden charms to flaunt which comes from its white sand beaches. Keep on reading to know more details about those pristine beaches. And if you are eager to start your journey to enjoy affordable Louisiana beach vacation then try to book cheap flights through American Airlines student discount. And if you are looking for more options try Lufthansa Airlines to enjoy affordable deals. 

Beach Experience Like No Other 

  1. Rutherford Beach 

This tranquil and secluded beach is a perfect spot for family and camping solo. Lay down on the white sand beach and enjoy the sound of waves or you can also dive and go kayaking in the water. Rutherford beach offers a fusion of both the Gulf of Mexico and the Mermentau river, thus making the beach a perfect spot for water sports and canoeing adventures. And the best part of the Louisiana beach is that you can bring your furry friends (Dogs) here too. 

  1. White Sands Lake Day Beach 

Located in the town of Franklinton, this spot has both a lake and beach. You can spend your day leisurely while your children are playing in the crystal clear water especially on a hot day. Bring a book or just jump into the water and beat the heat and stress. You can even rent canoes and a picnic area with a BBQ grill with your camping squad. 

  1. Fontainebleau State Park  

Want a tropical feel, kinda beach? Well, Fontainebleau beach will serve the purpose as one of the best beaches in Louisiana. Plan a day trip to Fontainebleau beach which has a lakeside view and its sandy shore ends at Pontchartrain. The beach has a full tropical vibe with palm trees and sound of waves to fulfil your tropical dream. 

And if you want to hike and explore, you have a more than 6 miles long hiking trail at your disposal. You can even enjoy cycling along the coastline and at Tammany Trace. 

  1. Lake Charles Beach

Located by the City of Lake Charles, the lake Charles beach is the most popular attraction with its picturesque view. Spend your day sunbathing on louisiana beach, reading a book or just simply relax on the beach and let your mind wander beyond. And when dusk approaches, end your day by indulging in the amazing restaurants and activities. While Lake Charles Beach is the only beach in the area, it has close proximity with other beaches like Rutherford beach and Holly beach.

  1. Holly Beach 

This beach will give you the vibe of an old countryside with picturesque houses on stilts and calming sea. Just an hour away from Lake Charles city, this beach is a heaven for those who love camping out by the sea and sand. You may find some unique resort beaches close to Louisiana’s Holly beach  that will offer you the opportunity to do kayaking and fishing to spend lazy and comfortable days. 

  1. Grand Isle State Park 

Grand Isle is just as grand when you know it is the only state park on the Gulf of Mexico. With a fishing village nearby and New Orlean just two hours away, this beach is the perfect spot to escape from civilization. You can always bring your camping gear and set up a BBQ grill to enjoy with the refreshing salty air. You may encounter some of the migratory birds that call this place their home for part of the year. Known as one of the best Louisiana Gulf beaches, you must not miss the chance to visit this. 

  1. Cypremort Point Beach 

Once visiting Louisiana you can expect anything, even man made beaches too. Cypremort Point beach is one such man-made beach that stretches for about half a mile. To entertain yourself, you may try aquatic activities like fishing, crabbing and even windsurfing. This beach is also connected to 183 acres of park for those who want to try different activities. For more adventure, you can also plan to explore surrounding bays, barrier islands and coastal marshland. Cypremort Point beach is one of the best beachfront parks in Louisiana. Don’t miss this amazing Louisiana beach to experience something different.  

  1. Little Florida Beach 

Located in the Johnson Bayou in the east of Louisiana, this beach got its name from the locals as it was a replica of beaches in Florida. Though this beach is not as picturesque like those in South Florida, Little Florida does have its own natural beauty. Lodge on the beach and set up your camping goods and enjoy the sound of waves crashing on the golden sand.  

  1. Bogue Chitto State Park

This beach is known for collectable sea shells and a perfect for quiet stroll with a scenic view. With plenty of water activities, this place is the first preference for those who want active time on the Louisiana gulf beaches. You can rent cabins and campsites for more private experience on the beach. 

  1. Constance Beach 

Constance beach is known for its pet friendly beach and welcoming locals. You can visit this beautiful beach with your family, with your pet or solo and interact with the locals who will offer you delicious homemade food. Though, this is a secluded beach yet you won’t feel so as you will experience fishing, ATV riding, surfing also. 

Bottom Line

Louisiana, a place for culture, cuisine and customs will surely encapsulate your attention with everything in its vicinity. Though, the natural beauty is often undermined due to its colonial history. Yet, when we tell you that Louisiana beaches are a different kind of pleasant sight. The land supposedly called marsh land has beaches worth visiting and thus, we urge you to visit the beaches we mentioned when you take a trip to Louisiana.

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