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Where to Start a Travel Blog

How to start a travel blog?

Do you want to share your travel experiences and memories and show the world all the beautiful places they can travel to through your eyes? Continue reading this article to learn about all the different social media platforms available for you to create a successful travel blog in today’s world.

Finding the perfect platform for you to interact with followers and share your travel journey and stories is significant for a travel blogger. You must look at specific criteria that fit you like a glove and allows you to expand your reach quickly. Below are the social media platforms you can use to kick-start your travel blog.

  • Instagram

The first travel blog platform we’ll look into is Instagram. You might think that Instagram is not the traditional platform for bloggers to share travel content. However, Instagram is one of the most used apps nowadays, covering hundreds of topics and stories and allowing millions to connect (02). This platform lets bloggers share pictures, videos, and instant stories that can showcase your trip perfectly with millions of eyes watching. In addition, your followers can engage in comments, replies, and direct messages (DMs), which helps the blogger create better content through feedback (01).


  • Trendy social media platform.
  • Can connect with millions.
  • Engage with followers.
  • Post short or long posts chronologically.
  • Instant interaction


  • Not specifically made for traveling.
  • Readers prefer the traditional method of travel blogging.

  • Mapify

Previously known as Atameo, Mapify has been a great app in the travel blog world. This app allows you to search worldwide and get all the information other travel bloggers have posted about that destination (07). This platform lets you engage with those who have posted content, asking them questions such as the best-hidden spots, restaurants, and things to do. This app combines a travel blog with a travel agent where you can look into Airbnb, transportation, entertainment, and shopping, all by sitting at home and saving destinations you like. This is a straightforward app to use, making your travel logging as easy as possible (06). Mapify is not just a regular blog for traveling but a community made for like-minded people that share their journey for everyone to experience.


  • It does not require a blogger to write long paragraphs.
  • Upload photos, videos, music, etc.
  • It runs on iOS, Android, and every type of browser.


  • The community on Mapify is not as active as on other platforms.
  • You cannot specifically create your travel blog page.

  • WordPress

If you want ready-made travel templates that can help you kick start your blog, WordPress is the platform for you. WordPress is a straightforward content management source available to anyone who wants to start a website (03). Being one of the most popular websites in the world to create your space, this platform allows a blogger to share their travel stories how they want to (05).


  • Easy to use
  • No technical knowledge is required.
  • Multiple templates, plugins, and widgets to use.
  • 100% free.


  • You will have to promote your website on different social media platforms.
  • You are in charge of the security, updates, and backups of your website (100% independent).
  • I need a little understanding of coding.
  • Facebook

With more than 1 billion users using Facebook to socialize, interact, and share information and news, this platform is one of today’s most popular social platforms. Facebook is just another platform for travels to microblogs where instead of writing long paragraphs, they create short, to-the-point blogs that are easier to read for everyone(04). You can share videos, pictures, and stories on either your page dedicated to your traveling experiences or on different groups made for travelers. These groups allow you to interact with people with the same interests and likings. Moreover, users and followers can share your blog posts for others to see, helping you create a larger audience.


  • Very simple to use and understand.
  • It is a free platform for anyone to use.
  • Has a huge active audience.


  • It isn’t specifically for blogging.
  • Security issues (can get hacked, deleted, or removed).
  • There are limited features for blogging.

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