Little England in South Asia


Little England in South Asia

Nuwara Eliya is one of my favourite places I visited during my trip to Sri Lanka. Not just me, it is one of the most preferred destinations among locals. The city is the coldest and highest of the beautiful island, Sri Lanka with picturesque beauty and a cool breeze touching you every other minute. This beautiful hill station is famous among us Hindus as a key point of the great epic Ramayan. According to the epic tale, this is the town where Hanumanji finally found Seetha matha. There is a shrine honouring her at this town called Seetha temple, another divine and beautiful place. It was a unique and fantastic feeling to breathe in a fresh, cool breeze during my time in this city. Being used to the hustle of urban city life, it was a much needed spiritual getaway for me.

Lake Gregory

There are so many interesting places to visit in the beautiful town, Nuwara Eliya and I can’t single out one as my favorite. But I am sure the beautiful lake located in the heart of the city is much loved by many.  While exploring the famous attractions in the town, I passed by this beautiful lake so many times. Every time, I was enchanted by its beauty. In the evening I walked by the lake to feel the cold breeze and chill in the air and enjoy the sunset. But that’s not it. The picturesque view is worth every second of it. I can’t help but envy the people who get to wake up to this beautiful view every day as I glare at the houses and hotels across the lake. 

The horses, happy families, and children who enjoy the park around the lake, water sports lovers who cheer in excitement brought joy to my heart. For me, a silent few minutes at the banks of that beautiful lake is all that it took to clear the mind and absorb positive energy. Whenever I feel stressed I would close my eyes and imagine my self, sitting on the green grass lawn looking at the lake, cool breeze touching my face. Just like that, I find myself calm and stress-free.

 It is a great thing that the authorities have developed the area around the lake for tourism purposes. Well maintained lawn and flower beds in the park are an absolute delight to the eye. Parking facilities and dining facilities in the area are beneficial for those who love to enjoy the view and the lake for some time. Having to pay for a ticket to enter the park is worth the facilities are quite good and it helps the locals to earn a livelihood by selling items such as snacks, clothes, and toys for kids. Water sports and boat rides are some fun activities for thrill loving people. 

Other Attractions:

Nuwara Eliya town has many attractions to explore. The lover’s leap is a beautiful waterfall right above the lake. I also visited two beautiful flower gardens while I was in this town, Haggala and Victoria Park. Both gardens were well maintained with so many beautiful flowers and landscape arts.

There is another heavenly place, Hortain’s Plains just at the edge of this beautiful town. It is a national park and UNESCO site full of the amazing scenery that reminds me of Scotland mountains.

I also got the chance to visit Ambewela farm, tea factories, and farming lands nearby the town. This perfect little town was like a colorful painting.

I cherish my visit to this beautiful town Nuwara Eliya, meeting my Sri Lankan friends and following spiritual trail of Ramayan to this day.

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