How Can A Marketer Help You Remember Something You Forgot?

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How Can A Marketer Help You Remember Something You Forgot?

Human psychology is an ample opportunity when marketing a product. Successful marketers understand that the brain matters to branding and leverage their understanding of human motivation and behavior to create products, services, logos, and campaigns that appeal to the right customer.

Advertising is both an art and a science. “An art for its creativity, and a science for the strategy that drives its success. One part of the science that’s often studied is the topic of memorability” (Gigante, 2018). Memory is the ability to take information, store it, and recollect it at a later time. It is why some ads stay in our minds for a long time with others do not.

Psychology breaks down memory into three stages: encoding (receiving, processing, and combining information), storage (creation of a permanent record), and retrieval (recalling stored information for use. The three main types of memory include sensory, short-term, and long-term.

  • Sensory memory: Retains impressions of sensory information after the original stimulus has ceased, including fleeting senses of color or smell.
  • Short-term memory: stores information temporarily for about 20-30 minutes, then dismisses it or transfers it to long-term memory through repetition.
  • Long-term memory: Holds all our memories for periods longer than a few seconds and encompasses what we know. It has an incredibly vast storage capacity. Some memories can last from creation until we die.

Marketing campaigns aim to get brand information into consumers’ long-term memory. Thus, consumers must remember their brand when the time to make a purchase decision arrives.

How do marketers get you to remember the brand?

Marketers can use the following strategies to help you remember what you forgot:

  • Keep campaigns unique, short and simple

“According to research, people have trouble remembering all of an ad because it is too much for our brains to handle” (Gigante, 2018). So, to help customers remember, marketers should not load campaigns with too much information. Instead, they should keep the message unique, short, and simple to allow their audience to remember a few things about the brand.  

  • Increase message retention with repetition and relevance

“Repetition is the only way we can transfer information from short to long-term memory” (Brown, 2017). Also, humans are more likely to remember information relevant to them or the situation in front of them.

  • Use visual stimuli

“People respond more to images because sight is one of the initial senses we develop. As we grow, we begin to assign emotional meaning to images” (Couchman, 2021). Visual stimuli can help marketers trigger a more consistent emotional response from their customers, improving affinity and conversion simultaneously. Graphics transmit information quickly to the brain and help people absorb and remember information.

  • Focus on emotion

Humans, in general, tend to react based on emotions and perceptions. “Emotions are essential to effective marketing. That’s because when you combine your brand with emotion, you appeal to the subconscious mind of your customers” (Couchman, 2021). Therefore, marketers need to add an emotional or relevant aspect to the most critical parts of ads, increasing the chance that these scenes will be seen and remembered. 

  • Create positive customer experiences

One bad day can ruin a brand’s relationship with its customers regardless of the multiple positive experiences they might have had in the past. Negative experiences cause dissonance changing how a customer views a brand in the future.


Even though the brain still holds information, it might not always be easily accessible. Recalling a memory triggers the neurological patterns encoded when the memory was formed; the more apparent the memory, the stronger the signal. By employing these techniques, marketers use the natural strength of the mind to help consumers easily remember their brands.

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