Would you like to live and work in a foreign country?

Would you like to live and work in a foreign country
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Would you like to live and work in a foreign country

Would you like to live and work in a foreign country?

Working the same job day after day can become tiring. The routine of your commute to work and seeing the same faces every day makes you look forward to your annual leave. You’re planning to take a short trip to a foreign country just for a change of environment. What if your vacation never ends? What if the beautiful place you plan to visit becomes home? This is a possibility but it depends on your willingness to live and work in a foreign country. Before you say yes, be aware that this is a major and life-changing decision. You’re not expected to make it at the spur of the moment but rather consider several factors involved.

Things to Note about Working in a Foreign Country

1. Visa Approval

Without a Work Visa approved by the country you’re heading to, you will be unable to work. There are different types of work visas offered with stipulated regulations guiding their use. These regulations include how long the Visa would last and how it can be used. Be sure to know what they are and abide by them because breaking the rules attracts penalties. You should also know whether you can be given a visa without a job offer or not. It is advisable to apply for your Visa early as countries have different levels of ease and processing times (01).

2. Taxes

As a foreign worker, the subject of taxes takes a new form. It can become a bit more complex than it used to be and you need to have a specific understanding of your situation. Tax laws for foreign workers work differently in different countries and it can be affected by the person’s home country. Knowing exactly what you’re supposed to pay will help you avoid paying taxes twice and also keep you out of trouble (01).

3. Company Culture Shock

Culture shock is not unusual when you move to a new place. The level of shock depends on how different it is from what you’re familiar with. The culture of a country has a way of influencing the company culture while sometimes, it is certain government work policies that make the most impact. A good example is the amount of paid leave days you’re entitled to. The minimum is usually set by the labor laws of a country and it differs.

4.  Language Barrier

Things are usually a lot easier when you move to a foreign country where the official language is your first language. If that is not the case, you need to know enough of the new language to hold simple conversations. This is necessary for quick and easy integration.

5.  Healthcare Coverage

The last thing you want to do is move to a new country without having a plan for health coverage.  Health insurance must be discussed with your employer. In some countries, your employer is responsible for your health coverage and you can both reach an agreement for cases where the bill exceeds the payout (02)

Moving to a foreign country to work can be very exciting but it does require a lot of thought and planning. It is important to consider these factors and do your research before reaching a decision. 

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