The Smartphone – Most Important Technological Innovation in the Last Twenty Years

The Smartphone - the most important technological innovation in the last twenty years Netizen Me
The Smartphone - the most important technological innovation in the last twenty years Netizen Me

The Smartphone – Most Important Technological Innovation in the Last Twenty Years

Before the advent of smartphones, cell phones were highly sought after. Then came smartphones, a device that allows you to connect to both cellular networks and the internet. It has become a life essential, and most individuals are inseparable from their smartphones (01).

Why do you think smartphone was the most important technology innovation?

The reasons smartphones are important are not far fetched. They include:

1.  Communication: Cell Phones allow you to communicate via text messages and calls alone, but smartphones, alongside text messages and calls, give you access to an increasing number of social media platforms. In addition, these platforms allow you to communicate to the rest of the world with the click of a button (01).

2.  Efficiency: Smartphones are fast, and they help you to stay organised. They are like portable mini-computers, and the fact that you can sync a lot of data and information between different devices makes everything a lot easier (02).

3.  Entertainment: Smartphones allow you to access your favorite shows and movies with a few clicks of buttons. You also get to play online and offline games. These keep you entertained even when you’re on the move (02).

4.  Versatility: A smartphone can perform a lot of other functions, to list, taking great pictures when travelling, navigating roads, GPS tracker, reading books, and monitoring your health.

What is the Market Demand for Smartphones?

As with many other products, the demand for smartphones is also controlled by Economics. There are some factors to consider when looking at the market demand for smartphones:

1.  Need for portability: This is the taste and preference of people today. In this day and age, the smaller the device, the more preferable it is. We are in a fast-paced world, and people have become more productive. No one wants to be dragging around big and heavy devices to get things done, so there is a high demand for smartphones (03).

2.  Demographic changes: The number of consumers is at an all-time high. We have reached a point where we’re starting to have more people born into the smartphone era compared to those born before. This generation does not know a life without smartphones, so it is a necessity for them (03).

3.  Price: Manufacturers of smartphones are becoming more, and they now produce both low end and high-end smartphones. This allows the market to cater to the needs of consumers with different purchasing power. This means that everyone can afford to buy a smartphone (03).

The smartphone market is a large one, with a few brands fighting for the largest share. There is surely a level of competition among these brands, which leads to innovation meant to attract customers.

Growth of Smartphones

Smartphones have significantly evolved over the years from the very first created by IBM. They have become more popular with the increased popularity of the internet (04). More features are added to smartphones over time. Sometimes, it’s a new feature added, while other times, it’s an improved feature. Generally, this is all in a bid to attract consumers.

The smartphone is an essential innovation in the 21st century. The market will keep booming as the demand does not look like it will reduce anytime soon.

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