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We all know the effects of fall: as we exchange the sunlight for Netflix and think about making a big carrot cake to share – or not – we slowly drift into another rhythm. It might take a couple of weeks to find out how our jeans don’t fit like before, and our energy level has decreased as we wander through life a bit like a zombie. Okay, I might be exaggerating. But you get what I mean, right? We all have been there. Don’t worry, it’s only human. How to stay fit through fall for a healthy lifestyle?

How to Stay Fit Through Fall

I do want to give you some ideas on how to prevent this from happening. Some minor activities could make this change of seasons different from than ones before.

First of all, let’s point out what makes our general well-being healthy or unhealthy. Four aspects are determining the way we feel:  

  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • Rest 
  • Mindset

The good news is: that we are in control of how we approach these four elements. The ‘bad’ news is: that the more we lose touch with what feeds our well-being, the harder it is to get back into a healthy state. 

Wherever you are on your health journey, please know that you’re capable of going in a healthier direction at any given moment. Don’t see it as the biggest, hardest task in the world. It’s not like climbing the largest mountain on the planet at once. We’re always on the way, step by step. I would like to assist you through your journey because I’m passionate about health and well-being. 

To get fit through fall together, I first want you to know… Are you ready? ‘Cause this major!

To get into a healthy shape, all you have to do is to decide throughout your day, moment by moment: “What would be best for me?”

Once your definition of ‘best’ is not baking that carrot cake, for you know, you find it difficult to eat just one slice, but instead to make yourself an oatmeal jar. Or a hand of nuts. Or you go for a brisk walk instead of another Netflix marathon. Slowly, you’ll shift into a healthier state, and from there, it becomes so much easier to maintain your good habits.

‘Cause your body is feeling better and would love you for taking care of it.

However, unlike some health influencers who may want to make you believe that we’re not talking magic.

It’s all about those everyday moments in which you decide to take actions that either improve your health or neglect it. 

Some fun facts about fall:

A little weight gain is very common throughout this time of year. And it might not be just because we’re craving our favourite comfort foods. No, since we’re missing out on our daily sun intake – and therefore lacking vitamin D – it may reduce fat breakdown and trigger fat storage. This is what researchers have found. So you might store up on those vitamin D supplements, for it won’t only increase your happiness but may prevent some extra weight gain!

Are you an autumn lover or do you want to run to a place where you still can bathe in the sun?

Countries close to the equator (the centre of our planet) hardly experience Autumn. The temperature remains warm throughout the year, so that’d be the perfect place for you to hide from fall.

But let’s face it, with the temperature turning a bit colder and days getting shorter. There’s so much to love about this season as well! It’s the perfect time to:

  • Get cosy with your family
  • Go out and enjoy the beautiful fall foliage.
  • Finally, read one of those books that are waiting for you on your shelf.
  • Change up your wardrobe
  • Try out new recipes 
  • Reflect on your life and set new goals – changing seasons is a perfect time for such things!

I hope to have inspired you a little bit. All that you’re facing and struggling with is not uncommon. We must help each other here and there as we’re in this together.

Remember: “Life is not climbing that huge mountain at once, we’re on our way, step by step.”

Stay fit through the fall for a healthy lifestyle! I hope you’ll have a great fall!

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