What is Endana Biodiversity Corridor?

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What is a biological corridor?

A biological corridor is a meaningful way to reconnect solitary portions of a natural habitat which were made so due to human activities. This way, species which have carved niches in this habitat have a comfortable environment for migration and reproduction, in a way that ensures continued survival.

What is the importance of a biological corridor?

As development pressures increase, it is becoming more and more difficult for wildlife to find the space and resources they need to survive. This is why it is essential to create biological corridors – sustainable pathways that connect natural habitats and allow animals to move freely between them.
Biological corridors provide many benefits for wildlife, including:

  • Allowing animals to find new mates and expand their genes, pool
  • Helping populations to cope with changes in their environment, such as climate change
  • Connecting different habitat types, which can be necessary for specialist species
  • Providing opportunities for predators and prey to meet without biological corridors, many species would become isolated and eventually die out.

By creating and protecting these vital linkages, we can help ensure the future of our planet’s biodiversity.

What is Endana Biodiversity Corridor?

Endana is home to a wealth of biodiversity, and the Endana Biodiversity Corridor is an important part of preserving that richness. The corridor protects a wide variety of habitats, including primary forests, wetlands, and grasslands. It is home to many threatened and endangered species, including the Endana elephant. The corridor was established in response to the growing threats to Endana’s wildlife. Deforestation, agriculture, and urbanization were all fragmenting the landscape and threatening the survival of many species. Creating the corridor will connect different habitat patches and give wildlife the necessary space to thrive. It is already benefiting Endana’s wildlife. Several endangered species have been able to migrate safely through the corridor, and it has become an important part of their habitat. The corridor also provides opportunities for research and education about Endana’s incredible biodiversity.

The Endana Biodiversity Corridor stands as a shining example of the commitment of The Dilmah Conservation, Sri Lanka to preserving the island’s biodiversity.


The Dilmah Conservation stands tall among many others in leading this charge. Through several laudable projects, the organization aims to restore, protect, and preserve our biodiversity. There are no better words to put the organization’s goal in perspective than those of its founder, Merill J Fernando, said, “There should be no greater priority than ensuring that the quality of the air we breathe, the rainfall that provides our sustenance and the host of ecosystem services that make human life possible, are protected for our children and their generations”.

Human Actions

One hundred years of tea plantations and human settlement has played an enormous role in the fragmentation of this habitat. Hence, the project has installed measures to ensure that the corridor is not encroached on actively. These include enriching the home gardens of locals and providing them with other reliable sources of income such as beekeeping and mushroom cultivation. 

After a thorough selection process that ended up with the Endana Tea Estate being chosen as the perfect location for the project, Dilmah Founder Merrill J. Fernando uprooted tea plants at the site and flagged off the construction of the 3km long Nature Corridor that will reconnect the Iharakanda and Walankanda Forest Reserves and form the basis for even bigger corridors that will extend throughout Sri Lanka. 

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