Why Sustainable Tourism is more important than ever now

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Why Sustainable Travel is more important than ever now?

With tourism playing a vital part in the economy of most countries, it is profoundly imperative to understand how tourism can be intertwined with the word sustainability. The association between these can be seen through the understanding that tourism is considered an industry that utilizes the natural, cultural and historical resources of these beautiful locations.

What is sustainable tourism in simple words?

Sustainable tourism, in simple words, is defined as venturing out to different places and establishing a beneficial outcome on the climate and economy along with respecting the culture. Sadly, most tourists do not keep this in mind while traveling. Therefore, global warming and eco-friendly practices have become the buzzwords of today. It is significant for sectors such as tourism to become part of this new movement. 

We all tend to practice green initiatives such as recycling in our homes and workplaces. Still, the minute we start sipping our cocktails on beaches and lying under the sun, we end up leaving all those practices behind. Though it is more important than ever before to not only continue trying to reduce the carbon footprint we leave behind but to also promote the effects and severity of global warming and pollution and the toll it has taken on our planet.

Tourists travel to gain experiences and create lifetime memories that they will be able to hold on to for the rest of their lives. So, why not give back to the place that has allowed you to do so? Little steps such as using a glass bottle as opposed to purchasing plastic containers can go a long way and shows that you care. Did you know that it takes around 200 years for straws to biodegrade and around 20 for plastic bags? So how about we say NO to plastic? The best thing about being a sustainable traveler is how easy it can be.  

What makes tourism more sustainable?

Here are some steps tourists can take to be more Eco-friendly:

  1. First, look up all the eco-friendly services that are provided in your travel destination. 
  2. Research the place before traveling and learn as much as you can about its culture to prevent pushing the wrong button and offending the locals or anyone for that matter. 
  3. Try to pick hotels and resorts that go out of their way to play a part in increasing sustainability and employ ‘green’ practices. 
  4. Try to indulge in local products so you can give back to the community that is allowing you to experience their culture. 
  5. Follow the three R’s; Reduce, reuse, and recycle.
  6. Map out your commute to locations with minimal use of transportation. 
  7. Reduce your carbon footprint as much as possible. 

Importance of sustainable tourism

Now that you have a better understanding of what sustainable tourism is let’s answer the question of why it is important nowadays. Have you ever thought of how beautiful a place was while traveling and promised yourself you’d visit again or that you’d want your kids to come here as well? To ensure that and make it a possibility, sustainable tourism is the only key.

Why is sustainable travel so important?

It is so important to travel in a way that ensures giving the next generations the same opportunity of being able to gain the experiences that we have. It is up to us to choose between either destroying the planet as we travel or traveling in a way that benefits our planet. Consequently, it very well may be said that the future of travel depends on it. 

With almost all beautiful locations already discovered, immaculate spots by travelers barely exist. Therefore, sightseers need to realize that they must leave these places the way they saw them; clean. When nature has so much to offer to us, we must give back by respecting the planet. 

We must do something before it is past the point of no return, which numerous researchers now already believe. We have started a reaction that cannot be reversed. The Climate crisis and global warming are at their peak compared to previous decades. Major catastrophes such as bushfires have destroyed forests and homes for millions of animals. Consequently, the planet is already suffering from the mistakes we’ve made and continue to make. The only solution to recovering from this destruction people have imposed on the planet is to make a conscious effort to become sustainable in any way possible. 

The youth of this era is extremely proactive in terms of sustainability. Unfortunately, they are presented with a planet that has been polluted and damaged by past generations. Resulting in initiatives and innovative ideas that are being implemented in every sector to reduce the effect of past negligence. It can be said that the millennial generation is behind the idea of sustainable travel. Using their social media platforms and conveying the message across the globe of the importance of sustainable travel. 

What is the importance of sustainable tourism in the economy people and the environment?

Sustainable tourism is important for the economy, people, and the environment. It helps to create jobs and generate income for local communities. It also helps to preserve cultural heritage and promote sustainable development. Sustainable tourism is a key factor in the fight against climate change and it helps to protect natural habitats.

Sustainable travel destinations 

The tourism industry is only predicted to grow as the years go by. Therefore, many destinations have taken it upon themselves to create eco-friendly resorts, hotels, activities, and much more.

For example, Palau asks its newcomers to take an oath to protect the cultural and natural heritage of the land, known as the “Palau Pledge”. Other countries like Scotland have tourism plans that allow you to explore and travel without leaving a trace behind and therefore preserving its beauty. Using these initiatives will enable tourists to travel in a way that leaves a positive impact that leads toward a better tomorrow. 

Make a promise to become a sustainable traveler 

Traveling while being eco-conscious and friendly is something we all aspire to do. So let’s join hands and promise the next time we take out our suitcases and passports and book our flights and resorts, we will take out a few minutes to research all the ways the trip can be sustainable. At the end of the day, it is the little things that make the biggest difference. 

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This article is written by:
Eleena Shahid