Eric S. Yuan: Big Brain Of The Pandemic-Essential Zoom

Eric S. Yuan_ Big Brain Of The Pandemic-Essential Zoom

Eric S.Yuan: Big Brain Of The Pandemic-Essential Zoom

Zoom is an American tech company that Eric S. Yuan founded in 2011. It took the stage as the pandemic swept over the world and brought all life to a standstill. When offices were forced to shut down, but business had to continue, and students were no longer permitted to be on-campus, but classes could not be halted, Zoom jumped in as the white knight. Today, indeed, Zoom is the most familiar video conferencing platform. Professionals, students, and individuals use it alike. Further, It prides itself on setting the standard for innovation that competitors can only hope to follow. 

Eric S.Yuan is a successful entrepreneur today, but this was not always the case!

The tech genius hails from very humble beginnings in China. As a young university student, Yuan had the inspiration to create a video-telephony software. Something that would allow him to keep in touch with his girlfriend without taking the 10-hour train rides. Then, Yuan moved to join the tech boom by listening to Bill Gates speak in Japan in 1995 and decided to move to Silicon Valley to be at the epicenter of the rapidly evolving world of technology. The first web-conferencing company he worked for was WebEx at Cisco, where he served as one of the founding engineers and vice-president. Here, he pitched the idea of a video conferencing service optimized for smartphones, only to be met with rejection. Therefore, Yuan left WebEx to start his own company, Zoom Video Communications

Eric’s Entrepreneurial Characteristics

From Eric Yuan’s story, one can see how his success can be attributed to several entrepreneurial characteristics. Firstly, it is resilience and motivation, wherein even after facing hurdles at every step of the way, Yuan was adamant about not backing down. Secondly, Yuan’s story perfectly showcases passion backed by a dream; starting from humble beginnings never stopped Yuan from believing in himself and his dream of becoming a successful technology business owner. Yuan also showed an impeccable dedication to his vision of creating a frictionless communication platform that would allow people to share ideas and express themselves. Even when Cisco shot his idea down, Yuan had enough foresight and confidence in his idea and decided to leave Cisco to work on his venture, which proved to be the right decision in hindsight.

Yuan was named the 2020 Time Businessperson of the Year, and was included in the Time 100 Most Influential People of 2020.

Eric Yuan, Wikipedia

From Eric Yuan’s story, the main takeaway is that regardless of the circumstances, nothing can impede an entrepreneur who is hard-working, resilient, and shows a relentless drive to achieve a goal they set their sights on. 

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