South Koreans celebrating love on the 14th of every month

South Koreans celebrating love on the 14th of every month NetizenMe online magazine
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South Koreans celebrating love on the 14th of every month NetizenMe online magazine

South Koreans celebrating love on the 14th of every month

February 14th is Famous Valentine’s Day around the world. Today, it has become a day when the concept of love is commercialized rather than the day’s true meaning. This Valentine’s Day is added to the South Korean culture by the Western culture. But the way this day is celebrated varies according to the cultural values ​​unique to each country.

Is every 14th Valentine’s Day?

South Korea celebrates Valentine’s Day on the 14 of February. It uses the 14th of the other months to celebrate different aspects of love.

January 14th: Diary Day / Candle Day

On January 14th, lovers and friends give the latest diary gifts to mark the New Year. Birthdays and anniversaries are often noted in these books. Further, some people celebrate this day as Candle Day and exchange fancy and scented candles as gifts.

Do they celebrate Valentine’s Day in South Korea?

February 14th: Valentine’s Day

This day is similar to western valentines day. Still, the notable difference is that only women give a gift to their lover. This custom is also practised in Japan and Taiwan. Today, women give chocolates as gifts to their boyfriends and girlfriends. But the gift given to a lover is higher in value and quality than the gift given to others.

March 14th: White Day

This month, the men will be giving away presents in exchange for the gifts given by the women in February. It is customary for a woman to return a gift worth three times as much as the gift she received. Gifts such as rosemary, chocolate and sweets are often chosen in white.
And if he does not give her a gift, it means that he is superior to her. Also, if they give a gift of the same value as the one she gave, it means that their relationship is over. Clearly, according to the gift/response he gives, he hints at his opinion about their relationship.

April 14th: Black Day

For singles who are not in love, Lack of Love, Celebration Day is coming up this month. On this day, single friends get together and eat black bean paste noodles to celebrate the feeling of not having someone to love.
But in modern society, many people celebrate this day as a happy occasion to meet freedom, stability and single friends. Women, especially those who value women’s emancipation, use this day to celebrate their stability, prioritizing their work without getting married.

May 14th: Yellow Day / Rose Day

On this day, lovers dress in yellow and give each other yellow roses. Also, singles who could not eat noodles to celebrate Black Day in the previous month are eating Yellow curry on this day, hoping that they will have a delicious love story.

June 14th: Kiss Day

They use this day to express love to the person they love and start a new relationship.

July 14th: Silver Day

On this day, lovers do things like planning the future with their boyfriend or girlfriend and exchanging silver rings as promised rings and introducing them to parents.

August 14th: Green Day

This day is celebrated by drinking soju and walking in a park. Soju bottles get this name because of their green colour.

September 14th: Photo Day / Music Day

On this day, we go to photo booths, take various photos, go to Noraebang (karaoke singing booths), and also sing songs.

October 14th: Wine Day

On this day, lovers go to a restaurant for dinner and drink wine while singles still drink wine sadly about being single.

November 14th: Movie Day

On this day, when cinemas are overflowing, lovers see a movie. In contrast, others choose DVD Bang (DVD viewing studios) to watch their favourite movie in small groups instead of movie theatres. Others give a DVD as a gift.

December 14th: Hug Day

On this day, lovers embrace each other and express their love. Voting for the most suitable superstar to embrace among the Korean superstars and answering surveys posted on various social networks is a fun choice for many.

If you want to love others, I think you should love yourself first. – Kim Namjoon

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