I-drop: Water That Doesn’t Cost The Earth

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I-drop: Water That Doesn’t Cost The Earth

For many people across the globe, the only source of clean filtered water is water in a bottle. However, the unreasonably high costs of bottled water, and the toll that single-use plastics take on the environment, highlight the need for a product that is neither cost-intensive nor a detriment to the environment. This issue is where the revolutionary WaterPod by I-Drop comes in! Read on to know how the I-drop is the water that doesn’t cost the Earth.

What is I-Drop?

I-Drop, the makers of the Waterford, is dedicated to eradicating the health issues that stem from lack of access to clean as well as sanitary water around the world- starting with Africa. As a byproduct of their efforts, I-Drop also aims to bring down the number of plastic waste in landfills each year. 

As a result of their hard work and efforts since 2015, I-Drop has successfully equipped households across Sub-Saharan Africa with affordable and sustainable water sources, with the total litres numbering in the millions. They have done this by introducing Waterford, the world’s most advanced water refill system.

The way the WaterPod works is a simple three-step process: grocery store owners install WaterPods at no cost to their business; then, customers bring in their utensils and bottles to refill at nominal prices, thereby keeping plastic from ending up in landfills. Finally, I-Drop services the water refill systems and shares a portion of the sales with the shop owners. 

I-Drop and Social Entrepreneurship 

I-Drop is a classic example of a social entrepreneurship venture. While social entrepreneurship encompasses several different organizations, there are a few things all such ventures have in common: they identify a social problem and come up with solutions that benefit affected communities across the world. 

These are not to be confused with charities or NGOs because social entrepreneurial ventures still have a revenue model. The main difference is the latter strives to better the world with their business. This situation can be seen in the case of I-Drop because its mission is to enable consumers to choose their source of clean water and how their consumption impacts the environment. They earn revenue through selling refills at a fraction of the price of bottled water. A portion of this revenue goes back to the community to incentivize shop owners to install the Waterford. Hence, based on their service to communities, I-Drop is a social entrepreneurship venture

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