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Slavery in the Archaic Roman History

Slavery had a significant role in the entire archaic Roman history. As the great conquerer, Rome captured many prisoners of war. They also bought slaves from pirates and outside nations.


However, also, some people sold themselves or their family members as slaves during financial hardships(1).

Slaves were a symbol of one’s wealth at that time. At least one out of five people of Rome were slaves. Slaves played a significant part in the Roman economy. They worked in various industries such as farming, mining, crafting, construction, and regular household chores.

Except for the public office, every aspect of Roman life sought the service of a slave. They were the essential workforce Rome needed to carry out regular functions.

Apart from becoming the necessary workforce, they were also a profitable business “product” with never-ending demand in Roman markets.

There were slave markets in most major cities throughout the empire. Mostly, pirates supplied them(2)

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