Slavery in the Archaic Roman History

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Slavery had a significant role in the entire archaic Roman history. As the great conquerer, Rome captured many prisoners of war. They also bought slaves from pirates and outside nations. A slave was defined as someone who was owned by another person and had no freedom. Slaves were used for labor, and they could be bought and sold like property. Although the law did not condone slavery, it was still a common practice. Many slaves were captured in wars, and some were even born into slavery.

However, some people also sold themselves or their family members as slaves during financial hardships. Slaves were a symbol of one’s wealth at that time. At least one out of five people of Rome were slaves. Slaves played a significant part in the Roman economy. They worked in various industries, such as farming, mining, crafting, construction, and household chores.

Except for public office, every aspect of Roman life sought the service of a slave. They were the essential workforce Rome needed to carry out regular functions. Apart from becoming the necessary workforce, they were also a profitable business “product” with never-ending demand in Roman markets.

There were slave markets in most major cities throughout the empire. Primarily, pirates supplied them. 

Slavery in Ancient Rome

How were slaves treated in ancient Rome?

Slaves in ancient Rome were treated very poorly. They were seen as property and were often abused. Slavery was a very important part of Roman society, and many people owned slaves. Slaves had no rights and could be killed by their owners at any time.

Which statement best describes slavery in ancient Rome? 

Slavery in ancient Rome was a complex institution that was not entirely based on race. While slaves were seen as property, they were also given certain protections under the law. Slaves could not be tortured or killed without due process, and they were allowed to marry and own property. Some slaves even rose to positions of power within Roman society.

What was life like for slaves in ancient Rome? 

Slaves were bought and sold at markets, and their lives were controlled by their owners. If a slave disobeyed their owner, they could be whipped, branded, or even killed. 

What happened to old slaves in Rome?

In Rome, slaves were often freed after serving their masters for a certain period. However, they were not always given their full freedom. Many slaves were given limited rights, such as the right to own property or to marry. Some slaves were even made into citizens, but they still did not have all the rights of a full citizen.

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