Critical Team Members For Business Success 

Critical Team Members For Business Success NetizenMe online magazine
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Critical Team Members For Business Success NetizenMe online magazine

Critical Team Members For Business Success 

It is no secret that for a business to be successful and develop a new business or entrepreneurial venture, nothing is perhaps more imperative than a well-organized team that can carry out all parts of the job with efficiency and zero friction. Arguably the most effective way of managing a team is to analyze each member’s strengths and weaknesses and then assign them roles accordingly. 


These are individuals who usually head the team. They are responsible for focusing on the team’s objectives and delegating work to other members of the team effectively. Chairpersons also referred to as coordinators, are confident, mature, and have the ability to draw people out. However, these individuals may be perceived as bossy or manipulative. As a result, they often delegate most of the work to the team, leaving little to no work for themselves. 


Plants are members who are highly creative and exceptional problem solvers. They often think outside the box, which allows them to develop innovative and novel solutions. But while they are great at identifying and solving problems, they may lack communication skills and might quickly lose focus.


These members provide direction for the team and motivate members to achieve objectives. They must ensure the team does not get off tracked and works toward their shared goals. They function well under pressure, possess the resilience to bounce back from setbacks, and are willing to take new challenges head-on. Conversely, they may easily provoke and offend other team members with their actions, and this can cause tensions between the team. 


Where plants are the creative leg of the team, these individuals are the ones who are logic-driven. They have exceptional analytical skills, and because of this vital strength, they are excellent at providing objective and accurate judgments. The downside is that they can often be overly critical of other members, thereby lowering the morale and motivation of the team. Ultimately, this can drag the team’s pace to achieve its objectives. 

Resource Investigator

These individuals are interested, making them proficient at coming up with new ideas and presenting them to the team. They never shy away from exploring new avenues and opportunities, but sometimes they can become overly excited and dedicate all their efforts to one idea, which ultimately fades away with time.  

Team Worker

These are the team members because of whom the team works cohesively. Members such as this are highly perceptive, allowing them to identify problems other members may face and cooperate with them to develop viable solutions. The flipside of this is that they may have a hard time making unpopular decisions. 

Company Worker

These are the strategists of the team. They come up with actionable plans and tactics that the other members can work on to achieve the team’s objectives. They are reliable and practical but can have difficulty bringing flexibility in their ways. Because of this, they might lose out on opportunities that could have benefitted the team. 


These are usually the last members to work their magic on a project or task to add finishing touches, last-minute adjustments, and assuring quality. They are highly attentive to the minutest of details and painstakingly search and mitigate errors to perfect the end product as much as possible. This meticulousness, however, could go too far, to the point that they take up too much work- an amount that they simply cannot shoulder. 


Finally, these members bring their expertise and in-depth knowledge to the table. They possess prowess and are dedicated but can often cause an information overload by nit-picking on the technicalities of the task at hand. 

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