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What are the main features of a good CV?

A curriculum vitae also known as a CV is a document that represents you in a professional setting. It’s usually the first contact between you and the employer and for that reason, you want to make sure you give the right impression. To do that, aside from grammar and spelling checks, there are vital elements that must be found in your CV. 

What are the main features of a good CV?

Contact Information

The contact information required of you includes your name, address, phone number, and email address. The name on your CV should be your legal name and you should always indicate your primary address (01). You should also ensure you use a professional email address.


This part of your CV should tell the employer what you have to offer to the organization. It should be honest, clear, and straight to the point.


In this section, you are expected to list your education in the following order; the name of the school, degree, and GPA. You can also add a list of relevant coursework (01). Your education history should be arranged from the most recent to the least recent.

Work Experience

Your work experience should also be written from the most recent to the least recent. It should include the positions, companies, location, dates, and also the duties carried out. When describing the duties you carried out, be sure to use active words and add measurable achievements. Be sure that you’re being honest about it.

You might consider including some references but you can also put “references available upon request” on the bottom part of your CV. When it comes to the length of a CV, a useful rule of thumb is to keep it at one page (01).

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