How to Make a Moss Terrarium: Step-by-Step

How To Make A Simple, Warm Moss Terrarium

If you’ve always had a passion for gardening and living indoors plants, being able to make a moss terrarium is the perfect way to express yourself! Using our template, this step-by-step guide will help you achieve all the beauty of nature indoors.

What is a Moss Terrarium?

A moss terrarium is a type of terrarium that uses moss instead of soil. Moss thrives in porous materials like rocks, so it creates an amazing and beautiful habitat for plants and animals. If you’re new to Terrariums or want to create a unique one, this tutorial will walk you through the steps.

Types of Potting Soil for a Moss Terrarium

A moss terrarium is a beautiful and easy way to add greenery and character to any room. You can make one with either potting soil or sphagnum moss, but there are some specifics you need to keep in mind when choosing your soil. Here are the three most common types of soil used in moss terrariums:

Potting Soil: A potting soil mixture is made up of a variety of good-quality organic soils, often with added fertilizers and/or additives. Once mixed, this type of soil can be used for plants of all shapes and sizes. It’s a popular choice for moss terrariums because it retains moisture well and helps promote healthy growth. Some common ingredients in potting soil include peat moss, perlite, vermiculite and quartz.

Sphagnum Moss: Sphagnum moss is naturally occurring on damp ground near lakes, rivers and other bodies of water. It’s also an excellent choice for a Moss Terrarium because it is so porous. This means that it holds water and nutrients well, which helps encourage healthy growth in your plants.

How to Start the Moss Terrarium

If you have always wanted to start a moss terrarium, but were afraid of the complicated process, this article is for you. Follow these easy steps and you will have a beautiful terrarium in no time. 

1. Choose a mosses to use for your terrarium. There are many different types of mosses that can be used, so find one that you like the look of. Some popular moss types to choose from include Astraeus fern, Scolopendra sp., and Alchemilla mollis.

2. To prepare the moss for your terrarium, first cut off any dried out pieces or roots. Next, cut the moss into small squares or circles using a sharp knife or scissors. You want the pieces to be about 1/2 inch square or circle.

3. Fill your terrarium with water until it covers the moss pieces. This will help them stay hydrated and look their best. Don’t worry if the water level changes a little during the course of the day; just adjust it as needed.

4. Add a few small rocks ornaments to top off your terrarium and enjoy!

How to Grow Moss in a Sandpaper Pot

Growing moss in a sandpaper pot is a fun and easy way to add some green life to any room. All you need is a small sandpaper pot, some sphagnum moss, and patience! Here’s how to make your moss terrarium:

1) Fill the small sandpaper pot halfway with water. Add enough sphagnum moss to cover the bottom of the pot.

2) Place the pot in a shady spot and wait until the moss begins to grow. This could take several weeks or even months, so be patient!

3) Once the moss has started to grow, gently remove it from the water and place it on top of the sphagnum moss in your terrarium. Be sure to keep an eye on it, as it may quickly get crowded.

4) Keep the terrarium topped off with fresh water as needed, and enjoy your beautiful moss garden!

More Tips on Gardening with Moss

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance gardening option, mosses might be the perfect fit for you. While mosses may not produce as many flowers or fruits as some other plants, they make up for it in terms of texture and color. In this article, we’ll show you how to create a moss terrarium, and provide some additional tips on caring for these interesting plants.

Creating a Moss Terrarium: Step-by-Step

1. Start by lining your container with wax paper or parchment paper. This will help protect your pot and keep the soil from falling out while you work.

2. Add one or two handfuls of moss to the pot and pat it down gently with your hands. If the moss is too dry or hard to spread, mist it with water briefly before putting it into the terrarium.

3. Once the moss is in place, gently add chunks of stone, wood chips, or small gravel to the bottom of the pot. This will help create an environment for the moss to grow on top of.

4. Once everything is in place, cover the pot with plastic wrap and secure it with a Rubber

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