The Impactful Art of Greece and Rome through the Renaissance, Baroque, and Rococo Periods

The role of the polis in Archaic and Classical-era Greece

The Impactful Art of Greece and Rome through the Renaissance, Baroque, and Rococo Periods

The powerful influence of Greek and Roman was able to spread into paintings throughout a large chunk of modern history. The Baroque style was particularly complex in defining classicism, a significant role player in the Greek/Roman influence. 

Italian architects and painters had already in-cooperated this style, which always showed in their best works. Carlo Maderno, Guarini, and also Bernini, emphasized ambience and a sharp eye for grandeur by applying dramatic lightning, movement and touch. The builders never ceased to amaze with their instinct for color contrasts and the use of highly- sophisticated materials.

Even renowned French painter Nicolas Poussin displayed some of the purest forms of classism in his works. The Baroque art style was broad in many senses, including spirituality. This was tightly linked to the visual representation of gestures and movements of images depicted in the artworks. 

Early Rococo paintings captivated many in France, Italy, Spain, Britain, Netherlands and the Americas, adopting the wide use of glossy and attractive highlights to create heavenly, sexual, and fantasia ambience and even the bizarre.

How Artists in These Periods Started Changing Their Ways from the Classical Tradition

By the time the classical era of art came, the Baroque and Rococo periods had already left a considerable mark on art history.

 Most Baroque and Rococo eras adopted Greek/Roman heritage in texturing and detailing. However, Jose Benito Churriguera was one of the first to pioneer groundbreaking heights in this niche, and many began to follow in his footsteps.

The Rococo era was infamous in the religious world for what it stood for, but its decorative style was imperative to designing interiors.

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